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 Post subject: Patch: Functions.php (LogSpammerToFile)
PostPosted: Tue Jan 11, 2011 2:00 pm 
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This is a patch for an issue that's been identified with the LogSpammerToFile function preventing check_spammers_plain working, and causing an issue with check_spammers (used by index.php for the SBST GUI).

If you'd like to save time downloading, just replace the LogSpammersToFile function in functions.php with;

// Used to increment and log spammers to text file (if enabled)
//   Requires:
//      $sLogPath   = Path to the folder you'd like the text files created
//      $sLDB      = Database the spammer was listed in (fSpamList, StopForumSpam, SpamCop etc)
//      $sLName      = Spammers username
//      $sLIP      = Spammers IP address
//      $sLMail      = Spammers e-mail address
//   Usage:
//      $lRet = LogSpammerToFile('./spambots/', 'fSpamList', 'volter', '', '')
function LogSpammerToFile($sLogPath, $sLDB, $sLName, $sLIP, $sLMail){
      if(file_exists($sLogPath) == false){
         return false;
         echo 'You\'ve asked me to dump the results to text file, but file_put_contents is not available. Please enable it or disable dumping to a text file';
         return false;
      if(ini_get('allow_url_fopen') == false){
         echo 'Unable to save to file, allow_url_fopen is disabled on this server';
         return false;

      // We need a spammer database
         return false;
         //   bs_      = BotScout
         //   fsl_      = fSpamlist
         //   sfs_      = StopForumSpam
         //   php_      = ProjectHoneyPot
         //   sorbs_      = Sorbs
         //   spamhaus_   = SpamHaus
         //   scop_      = SpamCop
         //   drone_      = DroneBL
            case "BotScout";
               $sSpamDB ='bs_';
            case "fSpamlist";
               $sSpamDB ='fsl_';
            case "StopForumSpam";
               $sSpamDB ='sfs_';
            case "ProjectHoneyPot";
               $sSpamDB ='php_';
            case "Sorbs";
               $sSpamDB ='sorbs_';
            case "SpamHaus";
               $sSpamDB ='spamhaus_';
            case "SpamCop";
               $sSpamDB ='scop_';
            case "DroneBL";
               $sSpamDB ='drone_';
            case "AHBL";
               $sSpamDB ='ahbl_';
         // If any of the vars are empty, change them to "NULL"

         // Since our text files are created using the e-mail address as part of the name
         // we can't have an empty e-mail address, or it's not going to work is it?
         // In this case, we'll skip the text files creation

         if($sLMail !='NULL'){
            $file = str_replace('*', '', $sLMail);
               $spambot_old_info = file_get_contents($sLogPath.$sSpamDB.$file.'.txt');
               $spambot_old_info = explode(',',$spambot_old_info);
               $spambot_old_info[2] = $spambot_old_info[2]+1; // Increase count
               $spambot_old_info = implode(',',$spambot_old_info);
               if(ini_get('allow_url_fopen') == true){
               $spambot_info = $sLIP.','.$sLName.',1';
               if(ini_get('allow_url_fopen') == true){
            } // End if(file_exists($sLogPath.$sSpamDB.$file.'.txt'))

            return true;
            return false;

   } // End if($bln_SaveToFile==true....

File comment: Patch for functions.php [4.81 KiB]
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