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[INFO] How is hpHosts validated?
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Author:  MysteryFCM () [ Tue Jul 08, 2008 12:26 am ]
Post subject:  [INFO] How is hpHosts validated?

Tom just reminded me that I've not actually posted anything regarding this, anywhere yet, so figured I'd do it now before I forget again. Cheers Tom Smile

How is hpHosts validated?

Because sites go up and down like a yoyo most of the time, the sites within hpHosts are validated over a 4 day period, leading up to the actual release*.

I used to do a single validation per day over a 3 day period. Over the past few months, this was changed to 4 validations per day, every 6 hours, over a 4 day period, to allow for late DNS propogation (rare, but known to happen), and servers going down for whatever reason.

Where a hostname has failed resolution 4 days in a row, it is removed from the database, and placed into a monitoring pile. Should the site ever return to life, it is checked and if required, re-included.

* This does not include the constant validation that is done whenever a query is performed using the website, against hostnames currently included. Where a query is done, and a site fails to resolve, it is marked for followup and if it continues to fail resolution prior to the new files release, it is removed.

What does the validation procedure consist of?

The bulk of the validation consists of simply resolving the hostnames to an IP address. This is done using both hpObserver, and CIP (developed by Radsoft and unfortunately, no longer offered for free by them, but can still be found on Snapfiles).

Do you ever check malicious URL's still offer malicious files at a later date?

Yes. Though this is not a part of the regular validation procedure, this is done periodically when I have free time, and is done by others in the security community (one of the great things about the community is that everyone works together).

Author:  MysteryFCM () [ Tue Jul 08, 2008 8:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [INFO] How is hpHosts validated?

Cheers Kenny Smile

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